Is Coronavirus about to throw a spanner on Love?

My Saturday bliss, there’s something about going to the supermarket on Saturday evening even just to buy few items. I put on my trusted cardigan anticipating the freezing evening cold. On entering the supermarket, I was not surprised to find the store mostly empty from all the panic buying. However, as I walked to the self service…I didn’t realised I have caught someone’s eye

Love in unexpected places ”Love can be found in unexpected places. Sometimes we go out searching for what we think we want and we end up with what we’re supposed to have”Kate McGahan.

As I packed my shopping, a man using the self service next to mine striked a conversation which started with cupcakes he bought… I was happy to chat, his Northern accent drew my attention and from there I was all ears. I saw some faces wearing masks…I was soon reminded of the personal distance we ought to create. However, my new friend was none the wiser as he looked deep into my eyes as he paid for his shopping. We introduced each other…almost shook hands but quickly avoided that as if COVID19 just came and stopped the act like a drill Sergeant. We politely continued with our introduction nonetheless…I was ready to leave when he asked me to walk out with him. Well, I was not about to refuse, I agreed with a shy smile. We continued to chat as we walked out.

Love in the eyes – there was no denying it, my friend was attracted. He shyly let slip a flirty compliment and like a school girl….I accepted it. The way he looked at me…he maintained eye contact as we chat as if to read my mind…at this point I knew, my friend was enjoying this short stroll to the exit. It felt almost as if we knew each other longest. It felt natural, unforced…even COVID19 could not disturb that moment.

To be or not to be – the moment for us to part ways soon came, I could tell he had a burning request or question. I hesitated to allow him the chance to spit it out. To avoid the situation from becoming awkward, I politely said my goodbye…we parted ways and I thought we will never meet again. I walked to the car kicking myself for not suggesting contact – as an African girl, I was told never to make the first move and this notion still imbedded in my mindset.

Social media to the rescue – as I curled up on the sofa thinking about a nice man I’ve met that evening…I was surprised to receive a message from my the man…what a nice surprise it was. I soon found out that he regretted not asking for my number earlier. We chatted and I have now found a new friend even in time of chaos…latest being the pandemic that has produced isolation, bare store shelves, dwindling funds and not forgetting toilet paper fights.

Now I understand why we ought not be controlled by situations in life…hard days are the ones that draw people closer. It’s not only romance that bring people together in time like this…we belong to a world that is struggling to love but we can learn to love each other better regardless of who we are, where we come from especially during this time…even if that love is shown behind the mask and gloves.

This too shall pass

By Bella Sasa Tati

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