Just a little faith

I was watching television and holding a pen ready to journal my latest thoughts. You see, my mind was far from television, you may say the television was watching me. Since I have been on furlough leave due to COVID-19 I forboded loss of the job I love… I found myself consumed by feelings I cannot explain…..feelings only I can feel. This consumption is not healthy for my mental health, I thought. I decided to spill my thoughts onto my journal. For a minute, I disappeared into my thoughts as though I was mesmerised by thoughts occupying my head. I soon realised that these needed to be purged into the pages of my journal.

Rainbow after the storm

Therapy in disguise: I began to pour my heart out feeling relieved and inspired to open up even more. As my hand glided through filling the page…I realised just how I have been clutching to my sanity whilst allowing fear to announce negativity and lies. I could not resist the temptation to smile…relieved, my heart filled with faith. I proceeded to write my haunting feelings of the current situation. I soon find myself remembering dreams I momentarily abandoned. A cloud of happiness embrased me and faith overflowed whispering hopes and love. The spirit of gladness filled the room. I felt as light as a feather. A thought hit me…faith has always been my strength. Butter could not melt as I stamped my last full stop. I was in a special moment…a moment too handsome to let go.

I challenge you to have a little faith. These are uncertain times but as long as you get through them without anticipating the worst…you will not lose your sanity. Faith is power…fear the cowardice knows it. As I tapped into faith, fear fled instantly. Allow yourself to remember who you are and what you aspire to be…reclaim your power. Faith is an immeasurable grounding power.

Health is wealth: It is certainly not for everyone to self soothe by writing thoughts on a journal or diary. Do not worry, let not your bothersome thoughts grind you down…pounding you into a mixture of insanity. Talk to someone, write your thoughts down, be honest about your feelings. Look after your mental health and most of all..remember – this too shall pass.

Bella Sasa Tati

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