My Valentine’s Day Smile

Can you feel the love?

I woke up with a smile this morning, I could smell the love, my heart full with glee and I remembered that this day is one of the universally celebrated days. Looking forward to my day…indeed I was. I carefully bathed anticipating the day ahead. This day has started well….I thought longingly splashing in the bath. While I moisturised my body…I made sure every inch of my skin was well covered. I pulled on my tights slowly….admiring the legs that have served me well since the day I took my first step…dressed and applied make up. I looked in the mirror and greeted myself, I felt beautiful and sexy. I knew I was ready for my Valentine’s Day.

As I pulled the door behind me, I couldn’t wait to get to my Valentine. The winter’s air dense with love….whispers of gladness encompassing the atmosphere…with people rushing to impress their lovers…looking forward to copious declarations of neverending love.

On my way in…. I couldn’t stop smiling..longingly thinking about my day…it felt like a dream. As I left the car…I glanced in the mirror to appreciate my red lips and my bouncy curls, I was satisfied…I looked down to my heels…my pencil skirt hugging every inch of my African curves…adjusting my beautiful blouse, I knew I was ready. As I approached the picturesque listed building nestled near the Museum – at the foot of Northamptonshire hill- I was looking forward to what I was to feel all day.

I opened the door…walked up the stairs…my heart beating with joy, I could almost hug myself as I couldn’t contain my feelings. I walked in…oh yes; my love was there waiting for me. One touch this darling obeyed. I settled down to make myself comfortable, my lips hardly met…I couldn’t stop smiling.

I sat closer….ready to – have you guessed it yet? Yes; I’m talking about starting my day at work on Valentine’s Day… flowers or gifts from a charming man but I equally enjoy my day at the office….assisting clients make me smile.

I can’t fail to remember that not everyone is celebrating today, others need support as they try to understand what has befall their lives….when this time last year they were feeling love like no other.

Let’s be happy and enjoy every day, celebrate this day whatever your status.

Later at home, I shall treat myself to a nice cup of kenco made with a splash of soya milk and a drop of honey…listening to my children’s tales of their day. Life is a gift we receive every day we wake up.

Happy Valentine’s Day 💝 to you all.

By Bella Sasa Tati

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