Finding wisdom in letting go

Do you feel held down by the past?

Is your past controlling your presence?

Are you blaming the unfortunate incidences of life for not moving on?

Just let go.… I used to listen to these 3 wise words and give a quiet sigh of annoyance. You see; I viewed them as just a simple gesture to temporarily quiet ones pain. I agree; on the surface…these words appear simple and yet hide a deep unfathomable wisdom. I have just realised that these words have been my saving grace.

Face to Face with the past

Few days ago, I find myself faced to face with the past….. I expected waves of bitterness…..thick rage from the deepest parts of my being and sharpest insults to spout. Yet, I was calm, at peace and felt nothing but bliss and mercy. One would suggest that I was dumb founded…but hand on heart, that – I was not.

Now I lay here realising that the beautiful and bitter less feeling I have was born out letting go. Letting go of pain, hurt, anger is freedom borne out of wisdom. Holding on to bad experiences is a self made prison. I’m glad I chose not to dwell in that pitiful hole. Just understand this…you will never forget past experiences but learn from them, draw strength from them and let go.

Moving On Gracefully

Ponder over whatever is keeping you awake at night….that which fills you with rage, bitterness, sorrow, fear…causing you to feel uncertain…..then let go.

This is your year of grace, your year of letting go of the past.

Keep positive, be healed, be free and be happy.

By Bella Sasa Tati