Hello to Me

Have you greeted yourself lately?

Have you looked at yourself……..I mean really looked?

I proudly smiled at my phone as my step counter clocked 12 thousand steps and more. Beaming and petting my shoulder on the way to my room. I allowed my achy feet to take me to the bathroom. As I bathed myself….I felt a sense of comfort and inner acceptance. The moment brought peace as though angels were sent to sing for me alone…as I washed away worries, judgements, regrets and sweat…well, the latter is what I was really washing off.

In all honesty, I do enjoy a jolly good walk especially on a nice summer’s day…..the warmth prompt us to wear light and revealing clothes. I decided enough is enough..I am going to walk until all my favourite clothes fit.

After taking a shower, I looked in the mirror as you do, normally we look for flaws to correct or loathe, picking on spots on the skin, eyebrows we must pluck, bags under eyes, cellulite and marks on the body….to mention a few. But today I looked at myself, admiring the person in the mirror – myself.

I Greeted myself and My Heart Fluttered with Love

What I saw was the daughter of my mother and father, a mother to my adorable teenagers, a godmother to my beautiful Zaya, a blessed child of God, a sister to my strong and loving sisters, a friend, a colleague, a fighter, a hopeful soul, a resilient and kind spirit, a forgiver and a forgiven person, a positive introvert, a faithful believer, a working progress, a loved person, I saw calmness, promises of God, a lawyer, ashes to beauty, dreams, healing.

I kept this feeling as I hugged my children while wishing each other goodnight.

Accepting Yourself

I know, this modern life we live in is very hectic…people slow down only when they go to sleep. However, we all ought to take a moment to look at ourselves…not with judgement, comparing ourselves to glossy Instagram photographs, punishing ourselves for missed opportunities and just love the person you are, accepting you, not defeated but allowing you to improve you.

It’s time to put on your crown of gladness and say hello to the swan you are and ignore those who only see a duck, you are perfect as you are!

By Bella Sasa Tati