The Conversation with a Stranger that Invoked the Mother in Me

Driving home from work after a long days work. I opened the window to let the Northamptonshire countryside air blow my curls….if I was not driving I would have closed my eyes and savor the moment as I celebrated the beginning of the weekend….

Before long my mind took me to the conversation I had with a client earlier today. She told me, she felt her life was over after realising her marriage to her high school sweetheart has ended. Looking at her sad eyes, l felt her pain. Her thougths and words of discouragement have become her truth so it…seemed.

Making your Life Count

Every day we wake up, it is a chance to do something positive in our lives, pursue dreams, conquer stubborn mountains, make new plans, reflect to better ourselves.

I’m not one to dwell on pain, life has its ”ups and downs” whether you like it or not. It’s ok to feel hurt but be prepared for healing and dwell on healing than pain.

As I listened to this lady, watching her heart broke Into pieces. Whilst she crumbled with hurt, blaming herself, the hurt bringing out a vulnerable little girl in her. I felt the need to console her, the mother in me came out rushing to rescue her….reminding her of who she is and what she should look forward to.

To anyone who find themselves in this conundrum; I say to you:

Do not let anything stop you from reaching your goal.

Remember adversities are followed by opportunities.

Let not inner struggles control your destiny.

It has been realised that what happens in our lives is the reflection of what happens inside of us. I let go of past hurts and let them not keep me captive. This realisation was my Eureka moment and I’m stronger for it. Until you stand up and pursue your dreams, nothing will move. Until you seek healing…..hurt will remain strong. Seek healing and hurt will flee.

Hear me well: I am not saying it’s easy, but if you want it….seek it and don’t give up. Doubts and negative chatter will still echo but the choice remains in your hands.

It was a welcomed sigh of relief when the lady finally heard my words and realising that hurt will pass if she lets it go……concentrate on important matters……..taking one step at a time.

Whilst I comforted the lady, I realised that I had also reminded myself of how to deal with stubborn matters. I always just get on with busy life so talking to this stranger also confirmed a lot as surge of strength from my words later touched me…….reminding me of how strong we all are……if we can only remind ourselves of what matters in our lives.

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By Bella Sasa Tati