Hour of Strength

How do you deal with your hour of need?

Have you thought about it being your hour of strength?

After a busy morning at work clicking the mouse, managing paperwork and endless phone calls. I felt the need for a break. It was nice to notice that it was indeed lunch time.

However, it was raining outside, while thinking of taking my lunch break. I suddenly remembered I had no umbrella, I had no choice but to wait for the rain to pass….well I was protecting my braids too…..not forgetting my mascara. Yes…..I did not want to return to the office looking like a panda. I find myself looking at how the rain pelted the windows (glasses), I got lost in the picture. This picture fascinated me in that it didn’t matter how much water the rain poured on the glass, the water could not penetrate the glass…it just hit and slide.

I began to think about those testing hours in life. Those hours are the most uncomfortable and they tend to feel longer than they are. However, like the glass on a rainy day….it doesn’t matter how hard it is to deal with storms of life, they may rock and shake you….they will not devour you….they hit and slide off and you will be left standing.

Counting Blessings

Never forget to count your blessings, be thankful to God for the strength He gives in the hour of need.

While watching the rain, I began to think about my rainy days…..mostly counting my blessings, still I couldn’t help but also reflect on the past trials. On reflection, I realised that ”but for” the testing times. I would not be who I am today.

I must admit however, it took me years to come to this understanding. I now understand that difficult times are not meant to destroy us but to yield strength….wisdom and appreciation of life.

It is without a doubt that many of us have reached this understanding…..in reaching this, you begin to accept the past gracefully because life is a great teacher.

Refusing to be Haunted by the Past.

The past is history, leave it there for you have learned from it. Today is a blessing, live it and be thankful to God. Tomorrow is not known trust God for it.

Remember trials and tribulations may hit you just like the rain hitting the glass, but you will still be standing strong after the storm.

Life has many layers to it, each layer with its taste. Enjoy every day because better days are more than bitter ones.

Remember every storm is followed by the rainbow.

Before long, the rain had stopped and I was ready to go out for some air.

By Bella Sasa Tati