Solo Mama Walk Tall

Where is the beauty of a woman?

For me, the beauty of a woman is in her strength.

Whilst I was out with my son shopping for football boots and football. I watched the confidence my son has in me while I choose items that may be classed as ”masculine.” Well, I do have a good choice…I believe. He appreciates my opinion when it comes to shopping for him. Well, my kids are used to me undertaking both roles. Sadly, solo mothers have no choice in this regard.

He ended up choosing the items he liked the most while I pretended as if he picked all those items himself….. Well, the truth is I merely pulled the pairs that were on sale and started talking about how nice they were….how each colour was good for him, the look and how they suited him…not forgetting the practicality. In all honesty…they were beautiful, on sale and my goal was to keep his eyes on those so I can pay sale prices. A lot of parents will relate to this.

This made me think of all the skills I have learn as a mother.

Solo Mama Skills

Sales consultant: as I mentioned how I sold football boots to my son. He left the store with a swag as I made him feel he made a good choice…I had my own swag after that successful sales pitch.

Other Skils and Professions: these go without saying…for example; negotiator, nurse, chef, counselor, hairdresser, singer, tailor, teacher, storyteller, preacher, police officer, lawyer.

Well, all these skills are self thought – very impressive…I say. All acquired through strength, love and patience.

A Mother’s Dream

A mother wants the world for her children.

This is mostly a shout out to mothers who solely nurture their children with love, patience and kindness. The beauty of that woman is not only in her hair and make up…..but in her heart. She wakes up with a smile on her face, hope in her longing heart and power in her steps. Well…..thats what her children see as she playfully and lovingly give warm hugs and reassuring kisses. Even on days when she is not feeling strong….she still gives the impression of strength.

She walks tall and continue with her life even after she cried herself to sleep…..because it is the mother who has to be strong not only for herself but for the most precious gifts in her life. To me that is a positive single mother.

To this day, there is a lot of stigma attached to single motherhood….nothing good is expected of her and that of her offspring…..

It is unfortunate that most single mother did not choose to be..however life has its own ways of leaving a lot of mothers bringing their children solo. It is no secret that this is one of the most difficult situations in a woman’s life.

Like this picture, solo mama; especially a positive one…she takes care of her own without dwelling on the negativity around single motherhood. It is with pure joy to work with what you have while aiming higher and not settling for less.

A Positive Solo Mama

She knows her role

She is delicate yet strong

She inspires herself to achieve better things for her and her offspring.

She is faithful to her goals

She is positive and able to build other women

She can show vulnerability without breaking down.

She knows when to seek help…everyone need someone in life.

She smiles from the heart for she knows where her blessings come from.

She takes care of herself inside and out.

She is gracious and grateful…gratitude is key.

She knows that some days are not the same albeit physical or mental challenges…it is normal and it shall pass.

Sometimes she feels overwhelmed but she refuses defeat.

I pray for single mothers and their children. Life is what you make…choose to make a positive, happy and healthy one for you. Walk tall mama…..knowing who you are and what you want.

By Bella Sasa Tati