Secrets of Staying Positive against all odds

It is no secret that other days can be testing than others.

As much as I am blessed with good health, I found myself battling flu…cold whatever you want to call it. I must say that it caught me by surprise… I truly thought it missed me again this year. I find myself struggling to wake up, head throbbing, tired and feeling like taking days off work. I would moan, wince and groan at the sound of my alarm…. Soon after taking a shower I would feel revived again and ready to go.

These growing pains had me thinking of how life does sometimes throw stones of lack…this can be lack of peace, lack of strength due to illness, or just lack in an important area of your life. While I was struggling with flu pains and aches and occasional brain fog…all I wished for was to get up and get on with with my life. I felt pengs of doubt making me feel useless for few seconds in those days. I questioned my strength. However, I refused to give in… I put on my heels, applied my lipstick and wore my smile even with my puffy eyes and blocked nose, well….the struggle was real. I was still grateful of every day I was still able to get up in the morning and get on with my day even with flu aches and pains. The mother in me was fighting against lack and determined to secure my children’s bread and butter. The strength in my WHY kept me strong and determined.


You may be experiencing something worse than the flu…feeling like all odds are against you…not knowing what do to.

What to do when days are dark?

It is ok to cry when your day feels dark but the most important thing is refusing to fall apart when things do not go your way.

Know where you draw your strength…. For me! I draw my strength from God….and from why I am alive, why I do what I do and from my goals and dreams. It is a comfort when you know where your blessings come from.

Remember every dark day is a lesson leading to experience. Every experience brings growth and wisdom.

Never fear to ask for help when you need it. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Remember your WHY and keep your why alive.


Every day we are alive is a blessing.….an opportunity to reflect and grow, a chance to improve, achieve, believe and be a blessing to others. It is a chance to rise from ashes to beauty.

Be thankful…..Gratitude is key.

Refuse to fall apart when faced with challenges. Be you, you are unique, you are special, you are Blessed.

By Bella Sasa Tati