In the Christmas spirit and Gratitude

There is no denying Christmas, everywhere you turn you see Christmas decorations, shops are full of shoppers, Christmas songs are played on radio stations and television channels are showing Christmas advertisements.

The atmosphere smells Christmasy with all excitement and joy. My not so small children are full of hope … they wonder what presents will they receive….of course I’m not telling. I am looking forward to seeing their smiles when realising the perfect gift … well, receiving what they hoped for. Every little helps, no present is too little.

Seed of Gratitude

While I’m enjoying the spirit of Christmas, I also realise that I’m very thankful for everything that this year brought… good and bad. I can’t say it was the most eventful year. However, I’m here, alive, my children, my mother and sisters are well. To me, that is a gift and blessing. Whatever that which was not achieved this year, we all have a chance of doing it again and do even better …for we have learn not to fail again.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Melody Beattie

This December marks the end of this year. As we celebrate Christmas, we ought to also celebrate life, be thankful of every good and bad thing that we encountered this year….why? Every good thing was a blessing and every bad thing was a lesson. Every lesson equals to growth. I entered this year with hope and ending it with a thankful spirit for I have tomorrow. Tomorrow will be better than yesterday. I say this with experience…. what I have today did not exist yesterday, no matter how small…it is still a blessing.

As we enter the new year, enter it with hope and thankfulness. Have a list of the things you wish to achieve, believe you will accomplish them. I was talking to a friend of mine about this few days ago that things I wished for and believed I will accomplished… many have come to pass. Mind you, all I had was hope for things not yet seen. I believe that others are yet to come.

Gratitude is living in hope. It is an important ingredient of life. It make you happy, settles anxieties of life, keeps you positive ( if it was a prescription drug, I’m sure it would be a cure for many illnesses). I know this because having lived in another country too far from my motherland from a young age, with no relatives… I can attest to the fact that my hopeful heart kept me sane and helped me achieve things seemed impossible for someone from a background like mine.

When disappointments hit, it does hurt… however, the beauty of it is that you still have a chance to do it again and do it better…with every failure and disappointment you gain wisdom hence the wiseman once said “Life is a great teacher.”

As Christmas is upon us, let’s celebrate it with grateful hearts. Christmas is one day after a long year full of successes, failures, lessons, laughter, tears, gifts, losses and hard work and most of all love and happiness. It is your time, your chance to see tomorrow from today with the knowledge that yesterday is gone and your tomorrow will be better.

Merry Christmas y’all!!!!

By Bella Sasa Tati