Be Inspired- New Year, New You

Have you been filled with thoughts of self doubt that this year was not the best year for you?…..Do you question whether your life will turn around for your good?

If that’s you….well, you are not alone. Life can sometimes throw stubborn challenges your way. But one thing I have learn is that never giving up on your dreams and yourself pays. It’s like laughing at the devil’s face through resilience, hard work, positive mindset and graceful soul. The ingredients of success are priceless, they come from within us. No one can take your positivity unless you allow them.

So, if you feel you did not achieve anything this year or what you inspired to achieve failed…fear not because it’s never too late to start again- continue to visualise, think and grow.

In the midst of doubt….I refused to give in to life challenges. Positive mind helps you continue pursuing your dreams even with tears in your eyes.

Life is a school of lifetime….be open to it and understand that even failure is in the syllabus. Success is the goal.

Please enjoy the following poem:

My Inspirational Life Changes Nevers

Born in a stable, born in poverty. The future remains in your hands.

Never live in failure until you die. Never count yourself out of success. Let not the road behind tell you the future ahead.

Determine your own future by burying the past in the past and enter the future with hope.

Never be afraid to start small because every big thing was once a small idea in someone’s head.

Never erect a barbed wire around your success.

Never let hatred be found in thine heart, success never lives in the same apartment with hatred.

Hatred goes with jealousy, stay clear of them and learn not to hate.

Never build a shelter in the land of your affliction.

If you fall get up, if you stumble stand upright.

If you fall arise.

If you go through affliction receive healing.

Demolish all your slums in the land of your failure and affliction.

Emigrate to a land of milk and honey.

Never stop to dream.

Never stop to work.

Never stop for once you stop you begin to die.

Never stop with your academic achievement change it into an institution.

Never stop when you become old, for old age is a symbol of championship.

Never stop when you fall for you have learn not to fall down.

By Bella Sasa Tati