Never Settle for Less

This picture brings to mind of those of us who feel they been put in a tight corner by life itself respect of who to marry or who not to marry ..and weighing career and business ventures to pursue or change. As for mothers, we juggle our time at work and time we spend with our children.

Is it a must that this boy be given an injection? Whatever the drug might be; shouldn’t there be an option of oral medicine? If there were no options of oral medicine to any given injection then to me that isn’t proper …it’s like the medical field forcefully administer against ones will.

It can be said that it is a crazy position in life when life it’s self gives you no options for example; it is easy to find the man you like to marry when you are in your 20s with no children than when you are in your 30+ with children……our options reduce and most times you end up with whatever is available …what I say is never settle for less…

Even life has options ….

The position this little boy found himself is a position to protect his will power ….and it’s a position many can relate to….not by their own doings but pushed into that corner by life challenges and circumstances…ie ..Should mothers over 30 marry whoever is available?

..or the choice of how do I get out of this horrible marriage that I know may result in miserable existence…Or issue of parental and family pressure ..or age based pressure?

But is it really our fault ?? No it’s the expectations and opinions imposed by the society.

The sad part is that you now have people who speak to your face constantly question the fact that you still want to get married and or have more children….trying to talk you into accepting what you know in your heart you do not want ..something you know and they know will cause you so much pain and tears – be it by their judgemental questions or snide comments

Someone once said …

Life is full of choices ….

Just like this little boy resisting to give in to a choice that is not his own…whatever position life has pushed you into irrespective of people’s negotiation … choice should remain yours.

There’s a saying in Xhosa

“that you strike a woman you strike a rock.”

Woman/mother equals strength.

It shouldn’t matter whether you were married before and it didn’t work, you are a mother in your 30+ or not. It shouldn’t be a frowned upon choice to do it all over again. If it appeared a better option to do so…so shall it be.

By Bella Sasa Tati