I love him, not met him yet (love in poetry)


How I wonder how your touch will feel. I lay here imagining the sound of your voice and the sweetness of your accent. I can hear the sound of your loving laughter as it echos to the deepest part of my heart…. invoking the inner desires of limitless love.

It is my desire to receive your love  as you enjoy mine. I can’t stop thinking about your words, thoughts; I read them and they fill my heart as they are beautiful and poetic to me, full of romance, hope and love.

Not long now my love, I shall finally see you and feel the warmth of your embrace. I will be yours and you mine as we share our hearts, dreams and desires for this gift called life.

Your voice, your truth, the way you compliment me, make me feel like flying like a bird to meet you. To look into your eyes to see your plans for our future. The love we want is limitless, ageless, timeless.
Let the limitless arise.

Bella Sasa Tati