Girls thoughts of her longed for Prince Charming

We often wish for that ideal Prince who will come and sweep you off your feet. I thought I should share this poem. I felt every word and decided to spill all. When you have been waiting for that prince of your dreams, it is easy to imagine him and describe the feelings for him. I have faith that I will meet him in the near future.


I have been daydreaming about my Prince Charming, haunted by feelings of his smile, his voice, his touch, I suddenly realised with a curious smile that I am falling for someone I have not met. I have met him not but he is my friend and my soulmate. I surrender to the feeling, I admit; I am completely charmed by him.

Hopefully tomorrow is ours to explore as we go out and about experiencing life like never before, taking long walks hand in hand. Our eyes full of wonder and our hearts filled with hopes and dreams of longed for happiness. My prince has stolen this afar girl’s heart.

My thoughts haunted by fantasies of how it will feel to finally meet you, finally look into your beautiful eyes. Nerves and excitement exploding together; waiting to hear how much you longed to finally touch my South African sun kissed skin, to finally feel the warmth of your lips on mine.

So soon but not soon enough will I see you my love. We will be together, our first date, like you I can’t wait and I’m ready to completely fall in love with you.

As I put ink on paper, I spiritually feel you as if we already known each other for longest time.. My love I find myself re-reading all you little sentences over and over again … so sweet, so special, you assure me.

In my mind’s eye; I look at your photo umpteen times each day … you know already but I can’t help myself saying that you’re the most attractive, most handsome, sexy and desirable ..breath taking, imaginable to me. I dream dreams of how it will feel to finally rest in your embrace.

We’ll talk about us, our hopes, desires, our relationship …. we’ll be like two hopeless friends and lovers together … I dream of slipping away with you, hand in hand, holding you closely, whispering sweet nothings to you, caressing each other sharing endless soft, warm kisses together, becoming your lover, sharing our affections for each other as only true lovers know how.

Within moments of meeting we’ll be fully relaxing together, laughing, having fun, enjoying exploring, discovering, we’ll have only eyes for each other all your dreams will be mine too, all that you’re missing, wanting, I’m wanting too and together romantic and fun filled journey will have started..

By Bella Sasa Tati