Mama’s Magic Touch

Having been working since my children were little, I grew to appreciate the strength and resilience of mothers whether working from home or away. The love I feel for my children cannot be quantified. Trust me, I have wondered with curiosity in mind attempting to find something I can compare the love I feel for my children with. I am sure there is a mother out there who has had this thought crossing her mind but could not find anything that beat the love for a child.

As a young mother I often used to judge myself and feeling guilty as though I was not doing enough to be a qualified mother. This was all in my mind. Thank God, I now know that the only qualification required in motherhood is the love you feel for the child. There is no school nor a set of subjects to pass. As mothers we learn as we go, well fathers too. We often fight for the well-being, safety and happiness of our children even if it means we suffer while doing it. A mothers presence, her smile, her touch is heaven on earth.

Being a working mama, I had to find a balance between work and home life. Finding that balance and learn to be fine with it was all I needed. I now enjoy being a working mother.

The role of a mother is the most important one to a child in the whole world. Whether she has given birth to the child or not. We are soft and yet strong.

Motherhood comes with a lot unmentionable experiences like; child labour pains, sleepless nights etc but most of all joy. No one ever tells you motherhood is easy and yet no one can ever prepare you for the love and joy of having a child.

Mother’s have a touch that never gets old, even today, a mother myself, I still love and long to feel my mother’s touch. Hearing my mother’s voice brings comfort, smile, confidence and happiest feeling. When I visit my mama in South Africa, I don’t only hug her but I rest on her embrace – even though I’m a grown mama myself. Such a beautiful feeling, the thought of it makes me smile every time.

As a working mother I have found a balance that works for me and I can still go home, smile with glee in the chaos motherhood brings and witness the smiles my magic hands bring.

There is an African proverb which says;

When a child is asleep mother’s attention is on the child’s stomach.

This shows the heart of a mother….

Smile mama smile – you are wonderful.

By Bella Sasa Tati